PVC Additives
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Michael Schiller

PVC Additives

Performance, Chemistry, Developments and Sustainability

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PVC differs in its stabilization compared to other commodity plastics. Various metal compounds are suitable for the stabilization of PVC: lead, tin, calcium, magnesium, zinc, rare earths, and also almost-metal-free systems. These differences are described in the introductory part of this book, with their advantages, possibilities, and problems, from the perspective of the chemist but made understandable for salespeople and technicians.

Numerous tables and figures are included, providing structures and physico-chemical data. A special section for beginners is dedicated to guiding formulations and test methods. A relatively short section deals with development trends in Europe. Sustainability is a major theme, and it is demonstrated that PVC has a strong potential to develop into a fully sustainable material.

Another section deals with the everyday problems in the processing of PVC, such as the formation of specks, photo-effects, and plate-out. Plate-out is a common problem in the processing of PVC but only relatively few publications cover it. The causes, influencing factors, and mechanisms are still poorly understood. This section, unique in the literature, provides assistance in the selection and dosage of raw materials to PVC processor, based on the influencing factors during processing.

Dr. Michael Schiller is head of the Innovation and Sustainability Center at Akdeniz Kimya and Managing Director of Akdeniz Kimya, Austria. He was previously R&D Manager and Head of Group R&D at Chemson AG, and has worked in the PVC industry since 1992.
He is a well-known author, editor, and lecturer in the field of PVC and its additives, and is co-volume editor of the Plastics Additives Handbook, 6th edition.


"Dieses Buch bietet eine umfassende Darstellung der Stabilisatorsysteme und anderer Additive für PVC." Kunststoffe, Juni 2015

"Das Buch ist leicht verständlich geschrieben, mit der Absicht das Thema nicht nur fortgeschrittenen Chemikern und Kunststofftechnikern, sondern auch Einsteigern nahe zu bringen." GAK Gummi - Fasern - Kunststoffe, Juni 2015

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