Injection Molding Processing Data
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Alberto Naranjo C., Maria del Pilar Noriega E., Juan Diego Sierra M., Juan Rodrigo Sanz

Injection Molding Processing Data

Herausgegeben von Tim A. Osswald

2. Auflage. 11/2018
128 Seiten. Flexibler Einband

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In setting up an injection molding machine, reliable initial processing data is necessary to optimize and stabilize the process, and guarantee excellent results. This powerful tool will provide you with the most important processing data, such as viscosity, thermal properties, mold temperatures, and suggested heater temperatures for the most commonly used materials in injection molding.

This revised and improved second edition covers:

• Injection Technology
• The Injection Molding Cycle
• Useful Equations and Theory
• Examples of Calculations of Processing Variables
• Polymer Data

Pocket-sized and condensed—yet clear and comprehensive!

Dr.-Ing. Alberto Naranjo C. is the former Director General of the ICIPC (Medellín, Colombia), a position he held until June 2012; he is now a consultant in R&D.

Dr. María del Pilar Noriega E. is the current Director General of the ICIPC, and was from 1997-2012 Technical Director of the same institute.

Dr. Juan Diego Sierra M. is the former Subdirector for Materials at the ICIPC, a position he held until July 2012; he now works in technical support and sales development at the Ravago Group.

Dr. Juan Rodrigo Sanz is a Scientific Researcher at the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and has more than 20 years of experience in development of agricultural machinery.

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