Blow Molding Design Guide
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Norman C. Lee

Blow Molding Design Guide

2. Auflage. 10/2008
288 Seiten. Fester Einband

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Buch: € 129,90
Buch kaufen ISBN: 978-3-446-41264-4

The second edition of this widely accepted book provides a general understanding of the blow molding process. It offers a practical, hands on approach, concentrating on real life, day to day problems faced by those working to create cost effective blow molded parts.
The author used an integrated approach to plastic part design, considering material properties, process benefits and limitations, mold engineering, decoration, finishing, and assembly techniques, while always keeping a focus on manufacturability issues.

Contents includes:
· Overview
· Blow Mold Process/Extrusion Blow Molding
· Materials
· Molds/Basic
· Construction
· Basic Design Considerations
· Design of Bottles
· Industrial and Large Parts
· Other Products
· CAD in Blow Mold Part Design
· Finishing and Decoration of Blow Molded Products
· Fastening and Joining
· Economics of Blow Molding

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